BATIX - Modern web development with a method


The system is compatible and highly scalable thanks to its modular structure and flexible interfaces. The system can be extended in any way required through in-house developments. The Batix application framework is a portal administration system and high-performance development environment in one. It is used not only to generate dynamic websites but also to support the relocation of business processes to the internet, intranet and extranet. It has numerous functionalities of products in the Enterprise class.

The Batix application framework is a comprehensive application platform and comes packed with features.

This platform enables us to easily depict complex tasks in virtually every conceivable area of application. For example:

  • Extensive all-in-one solutions (All-In-One)
  • Workflow management systems (Workflows)
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices (Apps)
  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence solutions (BI)
Overview of the BATIX system landscape

Batix stands for maximum scalability

Using the Batix application framework makes it possible for us to create extensive, dynamic web applications and mobile apps with a high degree of cost efficiency. Moreover, our platform can be individually scaled to meet the complexity of the application.

Whether a simple module or a complete intranet system - as the requirements grow, your software remains the foundation for all new developments.

With the aid of this application platform, we support you from tailor-made software development through the depiction of your business processes with our workflow management solutions.

Batix has been proving itself in practice for more than a decade

Satisfied customers and numerous solutions speak for themselves: