Consistent process management for dental practices


A group of several dental and surgical dentistry clinics needed a future-proof and consistent solution to satisfy the constantly growing requirements of a modern process management system.

The lack of interaction between many standalone solutions (patient administration, X-ray management, scheduling, CRM, etc.) led to a lot of switching between media as well as manual work. The expensive standalone solutions could not be customised and important functions were missing.

The Batix application platform was used to develop software capable of managing all of the processes. The data from various standalone systems (patient information system, scheduling, X-ray management, resource planning, etc.) are now merged in a central location. The system supports the entire process: from initial consultation and diagnosis to invoicing and settlement.


  • Merger of data from various standalone systems
  • Administration of case files
  • Documentation of the diagnosis
  • Quotation preparation
  • Appointment management
  • Settlement including reminders
  • Creation of printed documents in PDF format
  • Support of mobile output devices in clinic operations

The solutions has a high uptime and is flexible with regard to location and employees. Mobile output devices can be used in clinical operations (e.g. iPad for taking down a patient’s history).


  • 4 practices
  • 50 dentists and surgeons
  • 11,000 patients and case files
  • Various peripherals (X-rays, telecommunications, etc.)


  • Batix framework
  • Java
  • Apache
  • TomCat
  • Debian Linux
  • API connection to various back office solutions