Online storefront for more than 120 kitchen studios


The arrival of e-Commerce providers in recent years has created massive competition for the over-the-counter retail trade as it attracts large numbers of consumers through new business models, consumer involvement and innovative features.

In order to secure ongoing success, it was decided to implement an online store frontend including ordering facility for the 120 kitchen studios.

A leading online shop for the purchase of kitchens and kitchen accessories was developed for the internet on the basis of the Batix system. Visitors to the site can find their dream kitchen from amongst the more than 170 models available and order it right away. Each kitchen can be individually planned to the user’s requirements with a selection of over 500 kitchen cabinets and over 100 colours.

To prevent users from being defeated by the extensive choice and dozens of variations, a 3D drag & drop online kitchen planner was created. The customer can put his or her kitchen together in just a few clicks.

This solution does not require any additional browser plug-ins such as Flash player because it is implemented purely in JavaScript.


  • Extensive online presence
  • 3D kitchen planner
  • eCommerce solution
  • Data import and export to/from planning software and ERP
  • Reporting
  • Statistics connection

A special feature is the divided shopping cart, which combines buy-it-now items and requested items in a single checkout process.


  • Front for more than 120 kitchen studios
  • Operational capacity > 40,000