Meeting place of the packaging industry

CleverPack - the international exchange platform for the packaging industry

The International Packaging Institute IPI is considered by the industry to be the leading competence centre for packaging. It was founded by companies in the packaging industry and collaborates closely with universities and a large pool of experts. IPI is also supported by Schaffhausen canton and the Swiss government.

Together with Generis AG, IPI implemented a platform for the people, companies and institutes that work in and around the packaging industry. The primary purpose of this exchange platform is to provide an overview of the main players in the international packaging industry and to be a place to exchange specialist knowledge about packaging technology. IPI therefore positions itself as a source of knowledge for the packaging industry. Users of the platform can find relevant companies and new contacts as well as ask questions, which are then answered by third parties and experts.

WebGate accompanied the project from concept phase to realisation. Our business analysts made an active contribution to the vision for the platform. We were able to complete the project within just four months with the aid of an agile development process.


WebGate pursued a consistent “mobile first strategy”. The application was first implemented for mobile devices. Only then was it implemented for desktop browsers.


The direct exchange between experts on specialist topics is a core element of the platform. Users can ask questions as well a provide comments and answers.



Specialist articles can be published on the platform directly by IPI as well as by the experts themselves.



The searchable business directory lists all relevant companies in the packaging industry.