AUTOP - strong backbone for projects

Diversey Switzerland -
Getting into the world of Oracle was a done deal

Leaving IBM Notes behind for the world of Oracle was a done deal. Yet the new order solution did not satisfy the specific requirements of the Swiss company Diversey. In addition, the old customer and order system threatened to crash and a rescue bid had to be launched at the last minute.

WebGate packed proven processes and business-critical data into a modern web-based application. The customer advisers, who are able to manage their customers and orders with an elegant web-based application wherever they happen to be, are delighted about this story of transformation and can rest assured that orders will be reliably transferred to the background SAP system. It was a big challenge for WebGate to transform the solution into a web-based application as there was no longer anyone with the necessary know-how working at the customer - software lives longer than its inventors! User stories were therefore developed as the basis for the transformation. WebGate’s AUTOP method thus provided a strong backbone for the project.

Diversey Switzerland is a unit of Sealed Air, a global company which manufactures a wide range of hygiene solutions for buildings, kitchens and disinfection processes.