Emhart Glass SA links up eleven branch offices thanks to IBM Connections


Company description

The company Emhart Glass, with registered offices in Cham, Switzerland, is the world’s leading international provider of equipment, controls and parts for the container glass industry. The company’s machines and systems have become established around the world as standard products. They are based on extensive know-how in the areas of container glass production, glass conditioning, drop formation, transport, cold end inspection as well as refractory parts and quality assurance. In addition, Emhart Glass offers training courses, assistance with production and maintenance services.

Thanks to the great commitment and quality in the implementation of our complex IT projects, we have trusted in the competence of WebGate Consulting AG for many years

Dominik Durrer - IT Manager at Emhart Glass SA Cham, Switzerland

Challenge for the IT projects

Eleven countries under one roof...

In order to increase collaboration and communication between all branch offices in the eleven countries, Emhart Glass needs software solutions that meet these requirements.

Result of the Web 2.0 project with WebGate Consulting AG
Decision in favour of IBM Connections

The evaluation together with WebGate Consulting AG led to the decision to introduce IBM Connections at Emhart Glass SA two years ago. The benefits: The employees of Emhart Glass can find the experts they need in the day-to-day work process faster and collaborate better on joint projects with their work colleagues at other locations.

  • Tasks are completed more quickly because you can rapidly access the information of an extensive professional network.
  • Decisions can be taken with greater certainty because they are checked by experts in the company and based on available experience.
  • The making of connections to colleagues around the world is encouraged.
  • Communities of employees, partners and customers can develop innovative products and services and in doing so promote their company’s growth.


WebGate Consulting AG implemented this project for 850 users within a week!

Result of the CRM project with WebGate Consulting AG
Decision in favour of the CRM solution from GEDYS IntraWare GmbH

Emhart Glass SA opted for the customer and address management solution GEDYS IntraWare 7, which was proposed by WebGate Consulting AG. WebGate continuously implements this environment jointly with Emhart Glass SA.

  • Sales projects can be processed more quickly because the employees involved can access information on them.
  • A comprehensive overview of the customer situation can be obtained by connecting to individual, customised databases.
  • At Emhart Glass SA, the customer and address management solution is used for global contacts.