Intuitive application for machine maintenance

Redevelopment with AUTOP concept method

Franke Coffee Systems is a leading solution provider for the out-of-home preparation of coffee. The product range covers fully automatic and traditional coffee machines, capsule machines and high-volume brewers. A total of 500 employees work at the head office in Aarburg (Switzerland) and at the subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, the UK and Japan in the service of the perfect coffee solution.

For the simple maintenance of all appliances around the world, WebGate created a service application called Coffee Service System, or CSS for short. Thanks to an intuitive operating concept and access to more than 150,000 documents, service employees have a quick and efficient way of carrying out maintenance and service work. A contemporary redevelopment of the existing application was achieved using our certified AUTOP concept method. The focus was on:


The operating convenience of a web shop was achieved, i.e. improved user-friendliness, intuitive views, simplified and fast search options.


The changeover was achieved in a noteworthy 27 hours, thanks to the constructive collaboration within the team.


Franke dealers use the service tool around the world. 150,000 documents were converted safely and without error within the short timeframe.


Old - mostly complicated - automation procedures were eliminated, which resulted in users having a better experience handling the overall system.

Interview with Jörg Braun, Technical Product Support
Franke Kaffeemaschinen AG

What benefits does the new CSS2 web application offer you?
What was your most important goal? 

“We wanted to achieve something similar to the typical operating convenience of a modern web shop. Important for us in this respect were improved user-friendliness, intuitive views, simplified and fast search options and a high level of software performance. 

As I see it, the benefits to us include the now lower administrative effort at the head office in Switzerland. For example, new users are already being registered directly in the respective country by the local web user. The old - and mostly complicated - automation procedures are also currently being eliminated, which is resulting in users having a better experience handling the overall system.”

The conversion from old to new had to take place within 27 hours.
How do you think this went? 

“The collaboration between WebGate and our project officers responsible for the CSS content ran smoothly and without misunderstandings. As Franke dealers around the world use the service tool, the schedule had to be adhered to. The process involved converting 150,000 documents and we are proud to announce that this all went wonderfully!”

How did you find the application and implementation of the AUTOP method developed by WebGate throughout the course of the project?

“Our benefit was that the people responsible for the project at WebGate were very familiar with our old Coffee Service System from the past.” (Note: The predecessor software was created at the time by IDESO AG, the current subsidiary of WebGate Consulting AG.)

We were also able to present a visual concept of the future tool during the start-up phase, which we never departed from as client. In that sense, the application of AUTOP was of a supporting character, which had a beneficial impact on each phase of the project.”