Generis AG relies on the CRM of GEDYS Intraware

Politics and business: Generis is at home in both worlds

Globalisation has resulted in today’s worldwide “competition of locations”. Countries, provinces, regions, cities and municipalities vie for the favours of multinational companies. Companies in turn are involved in the global competition. Where these two worlds meet, Generis can be found. With concepts, services and advice. The interface between politics and business is our core competence.

For example, Generis has a mandate to promote the economy of Schaffhausen canton. Generis is responsible for the international location marketing and the establishment of new companies as well as for organising and implementing activities for companies already based in the canton. New companies, jobs and a substantial new tax base are proof of a highly successful collaboration. The transformation of Schaffhausen from an industrial location into a centre for the high-tech and service industries has been a success.

WebGate supports business-critical CRM at Generis

A major upgrade to the latest version of the GEDYS CRM was due in early 2014. The main challenge was to reliably migrate business-specific adjustments to the GEDYS IntraWare Version 8.4 in several upgrade steps while continuing to be able to use the standard platform.

Thanks to the professional project support we received from WebGate, we were able to perform the CRM upgrade - including the retention of our customisations - without a hitch.

Max-Roland Bider - IT project manager at Generis AG