IBM Connections

The workspace just for you - on IBM Cloud

IBM Connections is the social software for companies. Connections lets you use the combined knowledge of your company, partners and customers.

Companies with IBM Connections can enjoy all the benefits of a social network without exposing themselves to the security risks of public offerings. The software offers a wide range of tools which enable employees to build up a network of colleagues, chat with one another and stay in touch.

For example, you can quickly access the expertise of your colleagues or discuss and elaborate new and creative ideas with a community of colleagues, partners and customers.

Your benefits

By making it possible for employees, partners and customers to contact each other easily, IBM Connections offers you decisive business advantages:

  • Expert Finder: Everyone is an expert in their field. You can announce new training areas and increasing experiences with “profiles”. Experts are identified by what they reveal about themselves and what they publish contributions on.

  • Collaboration Intelligence: Intelligence that can be usefully developed in collaborative systems. In learning organisations, social networks are an asset. Operational know-how is rapidly exchanged and used in innovative ways.

  • File store: Or as one of our customers succinctly put it: “We must see to it that the data come to our people!”


Select only those modules for your Connections platform that you would like to use for your company. A wide range of functions is available to you:


IBM Connections Profile is the directory that helps you to find people and their expertise in your company, so that you can complete your tasks more quickly.


IBM Connections Communities gives people with similar responsibilities or tasks the possibility to find one another and to collaborate.


A common repository in which you can save and publish files, presentations, images and much more besides. You can save different versions of a file, show who has downloaded or commented on a specific file and find out which files have been recommended particularly frequently.


IBM Connections Forums is an application that lets you exchange ideas with colleagues and receive feedback on topics of interest to you and your colleagues. Contributions and comments are recorded so that they reflect the concept of exchanging ideas and are presented in the form of an ongoing conversation.


IBM Connections Blogs are online journals which you can use to publish current information with a personal tone. You can write a blog to present your own ideas and receive feedback from others or to benefit from the expertise of other blog participants.


IBM Connections Bookmarks is the social bookmarking tool that lets you save, organise and share internet and intranet bookmarks. You can also quickly find information that has been bookmarked by other people in your network.


IBM Connections Activities supports online cooperation through the displaying, managing and exchanging of all information (e.g. emails, instant messages, files) related to the processing of a specific task within the team.


A tool for the creation of Wikis, which individuals, groups and communities can use to record, publish and jointly author information. You can display page changes, recommendations and comments.