WebGate Consulting AG

My task as CEO of WebGate Consulting AG is to understand the strategic needs of the market and to ensure that WebGate maintains its leading role in the Social Business market. As a social evangelist, I try to show our customers why it is important to invest in the Social Business segment and why they should do so today rather than wait for tomorrow.

I have 25 years of experience in the IT industry and more than 20 years of consulting experience with IBM collaboration software, starting from Version 2.0. More than 7 of these years were spent working as a corporate consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where I acquired valuable know-how which our customers, both present and future, can benefit from.

I founded WebGate with partners in 2001 and am its CEO. When I’m not working, I pursue my hobbies: playing guitar, tinkering on my vintage car, reading books.

I am your expert for social business, customer advice, consulting, management and coaching.

Roman Weber - CEO

The tasks of IT departments have changed dramatically in recent years. Increasingly complex systems and solutions have to be operated and maintained with far fewer personnel and on a smaller budget. In many companies, this leads to bottlenecks and the degradation of security and quality. 

Our experienced team of developers, system engineers and system administrators is ready to give you competent support with this challenge. I am a founding member and have worked at WebGate since 2001. My current role as COO and deputy CEO leaves me hardly any time to pursue my original activities as system engineer and project manager. Apart from spending time with my family, my hobby is restoring pinball machines and arcade games.

André Schaffner - Dep. CEO

I’m responsible for services relating to customer support and the operation of infrastructure and applications. Support is becoming increasingly important as an ongoing service because it’s the only way to enhance customer satisfaction levels. We develop excellent software and support our customers with first-class service.

Credo: We never give up and make the good even better.

Daniel Briner - Head of Customer Services