The data centre of your choice


Your own on-site data centre

We also accept mandates to operate the systems in your own, stationary IT environment and perform operations and monitoring on your behalf. 


SWISS DataCenter

Compliance and other requirements often mean that Switzerland comes top of our list of data locations. Swisscom is our infrastructure provider for SWISS Data. 


Worldwide availability

SoftLayer operates more than two dozen data centres on every continent, which are connected to each other via high-speed networks. We turn your infrastructure in the data centres scattered across the globe from a mosaic into a single picture. IBM SoftLayer is our infrastructure provider for global customers. 


Infrastructure tailor-made to suit you

Are you looking for a 'new home' for your informatics? We also manage highly customised systems, operating systems of your choice or hardware in our co-location environment. timewarp is our infrastructure provider for bespoke solutions in an EU data centre.