Development without learning is impossible!

Linking Learners, a pioneer in the exchange of experience and learning in rural East Africa

RAVInvest has been working with the interactive exchange and learning platform from WebGate for ten years. Development without learning is impossible. The online community "Local Linking Learners" makes it possible for the rural population to access the Fairtrade market. The fact that this new business model is not only characterised by fairness but also achieves sustainable quality is confirmed by Ueli Scheuermeier from RAVInvest:

The contract solution built by WebGate guarantees the fulfilment of a contract agreement regardless of the location of the buyer or the goods, and in doing so ensures that trading takes place in accordance with the terms and qualities established in advance. Rural producers are increasing the amount of profit on the goods they sell thanks to the security of the TSS transactions performed and the possibility of comparison.

Ueli Scheuermeier - at RAVInvest

TruTrade is commited to work in the field applying Transaction Security Service TSS. TruTrade's business is based on:

Networks – We believe in the power of networking to drive our business to scale. Our franchisees are networks –  with a manager who coordinates from 2-20 TSS agents. Networks share experiences, learn from each other and can do deals together. Our structure enables rapid growth and opens regional trading opportunities.

Collaboration –  TSS with online mentored peer exchange learning builds collaboration along the value chain. The different actors from farmer to trader, transporter, processor and end buyer can all see all the prices and costs along the way. Together we can then learn how to make the value chains more efficient and give better returns to everyone.

Technology - TruTrade uses IBM cloud-based mobile and online applications to provide the controls and information for price setting, tracking of produce from collection to delivery and tracking of payments from buyer to farmer. Our digital financial services address the ‘sale to settlement gap’, which is one of the key factors that limit the growth of rural African agricultural markets.

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