Winterthur Theatre

Theatron - the industry solution for theatres

Seasonal planning made easy! “Theatron” is an industry solution for theatres and supports the theatre management with the planning, organisation and implementation of the entire seasonal planning. Good direction is vital and that includes production planning, which must ensure that all gears mesh perfectly. And because we’re talking about people and not machines, the cooperation that takes place within the teams is hugely important. Theatron is an industry solution developed by theatre professionals.

From idea to performance

In Theatron, everything revolves around the productions and their performances in a season. The whole life cycle from idea to planning and the individual performance lives in this industry solution.

The performance schedule

An important result in this process is the performance schedule containing all performances as well as internal room reservations and events. The performance schedule is presented in calendar format. Entries can be opened, changed and postponed directly in the calendar. The performance schedule results in the deployment plan for each team.

The deployment plan

Resources must be planned and scheduled for the performances: stage technology, lighting, box office, cloakroom, security, catering. This results in deployment plans for the various teams in the theatre. Deployment plans, which the team leaders only have to allocate to the rostered employees, are automatically presented for the performances.

Always up to date on website and mobile without media disruption

The performance schedule is created in Theatron and supplemented with texts and images. The documents released in the central media container are published directly on the theatre’s public website and in an optimised mobile format on mobile devices via a standardised interface without media disruption. You can see the performance schedule as well as details on the individual performances and links to the booking options. The mobile version on the intranet also shows all internal instructions, information and deployment plans. 

Document store and task management

Documents such as contracts, hotel reservations, checklists, notices and tasks can be stored for all productions, performances and deployment plans. The integrated task management feature gives Theatron users an efficient method of self-organisation and the Theatron manager a rapid overview. Each Theatron user can see the documents and tasks for his or her own area of activity.

Excel export

The data can be exported in Excel format very easily for external analysis. This export function is visible in the Theatron data areas Productions, Performances, Deployment plans, Documents, and Tasks and can be utilised online.